With ‘It is what it is’, Adekunle Gold kickstarts the era of Afropop Vol 2

Sometime in late 2019, after his publicized marriage to Nigeria’s pop sweetheart Simi, Adekunle Gold began a transformation of sorts. He’dalways been experimental with his looks, but then it was geared towards presenting himself as a contemporary fuji star. This new iteration of Adekunle Gold was commercial in a way that looked outwards, and drew heavily from trends from 80’s dance music. Neon day suits, beaded braids, a swagger unmatched. His attitudes seemed to have changed too, Afropop Vol 1, the album he released was more defiant, more overt in its sexuality, more brazen in its wantoness. Songs like ‘Pretty Girl’ saw him dabble into reggaeton and ‘Exclusive’ which saw him employ the songwriting skills of indie music maven Dwin The Stoic. The reaction to the album was overwhelmingly positive, affirming to Adekunle Gold that the risk he’d taken to pivot his career was worth it.

Now he is consolidating with ‘It Is What It Is’, the first single off what we suspect will become Afropop Vol 2. That swagger remains, bolstered by a proclamation of acceptance of his new status and to his critics to accept or move out of his way. If there was ever a great time to stake a claim on the industry, it would be now and no better way than the path that Adekunle Gold has chosen.

Watch the video here.

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