Watch: Fave’s mashup for the Clout Freedom Concert will get you on your feet

In celebration of Nigeria’s 61th Independence Day anniversary, Clout Africa gathered some of the brightest talent to lend their voices to the Clout Freedom Concert. Freedom became an important touchpoint for millennial and Gen-Z audiences in the wake of the October 20 2020 protests and the violence that followed which led to the loss of lives and a temporary nationwide lockdown. One year later, as the collective nation collects, Clout Africa celebrates the message behind the protests and lends its platform to the ongoing conversation about the future of Freedom on the continent.

Fave was one of the headlining acts for the Clout Freedom Concert, just weeks after a cover of her song N.B.U went viral to remind everyone why she is one of the names to watch in the coming year. Not to be limited to one song, she performed a medley of her most memorable hits, thrilling our digital audience. Catch the vibe here.

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