Sir Dauda wants to teach you how to love

When Sir Dauda came to the Clout Africa studio to record his live version of ‘Woman’ from his Love Ex Machina EP, it was clear we were in the presence of an artist who knew his audience and knew himself. We wanted to get to know him a little better, to hear him speak of his craft and his plans for the future in his own words. This is the result of that conversation, Sir Dauda as you’ve never experienced him before.

1.As one of the first signees to Falz’s label, Bahd Guyz Entertainment, you have the support of one of Nigeria’s most versatile and commercially successful artists. How has that influenced your approach to your craft? 

It has helped me actually stay true to my craft and my sound because I am with a creative team who are truly supportive of my vision.

2. The single you performed on Clout Sessions is part of your debut EP ‘Love Ex Machina’. Tell us some more about the album?

LXM is a love project. My goal for this project was to write songs about love from various perspectives and so you’ve got songs like “Trouble”, which describes love in its ride-or-die nature, “Ain’t Nobody”, which is contemplative or “Logba Logba”, a sensual and playful tune inviting you to share good vibes with those you love. The different angles were meant to show the diverse ways in which love might express itself. Love Ex Machina (Love To The Rescue) is a reminder that regardless of what your situation is, Love can and will save the day.

3. There are very artists putting out the kind of music you are putting out. Tell us how you are working to make your sound unique? 

I call the type of music I make Jungle Funk; it is the fusion of different sights, sounds, feelings and experiences which have inspired my musical journey. There is no sound like the Sir Dauda sound. All you have to do is listen to it to realize the Dauda’s in the details (As they say).

4.We’re getting the rare chance to see you bring ‘Woman’ from the EP to life on Clout Sessions. Why this song in particular and what inspired you to write it in the first place? 

Woman is a very special song to me; I was in a very emotional place when I wrote it and it evokes a lot of emotion when I perform it. Especially because the song beautifully captures an exchange of love notes between lovers in all its tenderness and rawness of emotions.

5. What are your thoughts on the Lagos music scene, especially as an artist committed to creating an immersive experience around the Sir Dauda brand?

The Lagos music scene is full of so many talented artists and everybody has something different to contribute {we are legion}. It has evolved a lot since its earlier days, and continues to give Nigerian musicians the opportunity to display beauty, culture and art to a global audience. This is really an awesome thing to witness and be a part of.

6. What is your relationship like with the fans?

The fans are the reason for everything. I am inspired to create music that they can connect with on a deep level. Quite a number of them have been on this journey with me from the very start and some we’ve picked up on the way, but I feel really blessed to have their support. The love that they have shown this project has been overwhelming.

7. What’s next for ‘Love Ex Machina’, are you going to tour, release more singles off the album? 

All the singles on the project are already out. The “Woman” video featuring Simi was released last year, be sure to check for it on YouTube and we are working on visuals for some of the tracks. Due to the pandemic, an actual tour might be difficult but we have something special in the works.

8. What plans for world domination does Sir Dauda have for 2021?

If all goes as planned, 2021 is going to be the year of Sir Dauda’s omnipresence.

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