S Gee has all the feels, and he wants to share it with you

“Good Music is the only thing that interests me!”

This is how S Gee, otherwise known as Mr Sweet Melody describes his attitude to making music. And it shows in the ease of his easy listening Afrofusion music. Following his Clout Session debuting ‘Superman’ of his Sweet Melody EP, we sat with him to discuss his craft and the future of his music.

Your debut EP ‘Sweet Melody’ is the culmination of a fascination with music that began with King Sunny Ade and 2face and has grown into this career as an art. How has releasing your EP changed the game for you?

Releasing my EP “Sweet Melody” Vol 1 has shaped the game for because I’ve been gaining more listeners and the review hasn’t been bad.

Since 2020, you’ve had to navigate making and promoting your music during a pandemic, in what ways has that changed your release strategy and the reception of your music?

Ans: 2020 was beyond imagination for everyone and the industry at large, no one could’ve thought the pandemic will hit the world the way it did, but it changed my focus because I was just creating music since the world was on hold.

You’re performing the single “Superman” on Clout Sessions, the first live performance you’re putting out this year. Why this song and why now?

The song “Superman” is the lead single on my EP, me and my team decide to shoot the video first because of the story line and so we decide to have a live performance session with clout too.

What is the single most important event from your youth that has influenced your craft as a musician today?

The day I was opportune to watch 2baba perform live with his band at Koga studio at Ikeja . Can’t really remember the year thou.

You have had a number of high profile collaborations on your EP, and you’re only getting started. Who are the artists you’d most like to collaborate with in the near future?

Sweet Melody EP Vol 1 is my first body of work as I’m just getting started so I decide to let my audience see my strength first before I start thinking of collaborations but I would love to work with few people like 2Baba, Wizkid, Davido, Yemi Alade, and Olamide.

Will we see more of that original fuji influence in your music as you grow your audience?

Not really, music is growth and someone has to be ready to evolve too.

What is your relationship like with the fans?

I try my possible best to connect with them as much I can. It’s still a growing fan base and I appreciate my real fans looking out for my works.

What’s next for your single ‘Superman’, are we going to get a video for it?

It’s still on Sweet Melody EP, after Superman we will move to the next single depending on whatever my fans decide.

What plans for world domination does S Gee have for 2021?

Keep working till I get the global recognition and dominations.

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