We have the network

We have an affiliate network that includes influencers, radio and tv personalities, media and label executives and corporate partners.

We have the data

We have local and international partnerships with the most prominent broadcast houses and streaming services and we have access to archives of listener and viewership stats.

We are accessible

We operate a physical studio at the heart of Lagos in close promixity to the city's prominent entertainment centers

We have the portfolio

We have a roster of homegrown radio, television and online personalities who are available to amplify partnerships and collaborations

We have the experience

Our team has a cumulative industry experience that spans decades.

We have the assets

We have a fully equipped visual & audio center with a world class set up


We Listen

We listen to your music and your plans for how you would like to take it forward. We also conduct quality advisory services to ensure that everything is at the best possible standard.

We Implement

We implement your chosen strategy and monitor the progress of your campaign.

We Generate Ideas

Not sure what direction to take your campaign ? We'll provide a variety of solutions and amplification plans to introduce your brand to the world

We Deliver
We Deliver

We contextualize the data from your media campaigns to help you understand your new audience and how to maximize amplification and conversion rates.

We Create A Strategy

Choose from one of our package bundles that best fits your objectives based on your budget or work with us to create a customized plan for content creation, distribution or amplification

We Repeat

After an immensely satisfying experience, you will be back to start the process all over again. An artist's work is never done.



Enjoy our fully equipped world-class music rehearsal, recording and live session studio. We’ll produce your live session video, capture the unforgettable behind-the-scenes moments and livestream on demand.


Reach out to your audience and boost your streams via radio spins and TV plays. Leverage on Clout’s network with major media houses in major geo-political zones to deploy an effective song promotion campaign.

Welcome home


Perform a live and acoustic rendition of your best tracks. We’ll make sure you have a band to back you up and display your unique talent to our online community. We’ll also create tailored performance experiences at select indoor venues to showcase your talent to our music loving audiences.


Enjoy our full range of music production services: recording, production, mixing and mastering. Are you a songwriter? We also offer demo services to songwriters and offer access to a roaster of producers.


Our dedicated team will understand your vision, formulate a strategy, set milestones, implement and evaluate progress of your song release. We’ll put in motion a 360 degree approach from music production to music distribution and effective social media campaign and take your career to the next level.


Make the Clout your home and enjoy the time, privacy and resources it offers. It can be yours for a week or a month. We’ll take care of your accommodation and the rest.


Connect with your audience and build your brand with our social media promotion engine. From content creation to creative direction, from mood boards to social media features and post implementation, we’ve got you covered.


We’ll have your songs on all major music digital streaming services in no time.


We’ll facilitate access to top-of-the-line radio and TV platforms so you can tell your story, build your audience and sell your brand.


You make the news and we’ll break it for you. Feature on Nigeria’s most prominent entertainment news segments and keep them hooked to your story.


Shape your brand’s image and influence public perception and opinion. Clout connects you to the industry’s most influential editors both print and digital.


Clout offers access to prominent music video platforms that display music videos to your target audience.


With cutting edge podcasting equipment , an ambient studio customizable to your needs and world class sound engineers, we can help make your next podcast a seamless, stress free experience


With multiple backdrops and top of the line photo editing software, our new photostudio is designed to ensure you always get quality images and a memorable experience whether youre a client or a photographer