Mr Eazi’s comeback lap begins with ‘E Be Mad’

After a few years building his very influential music start-up EmPawa music and putting hundreds of enterprising artists across continent with the guidance and funding to take their dreams to their dream audiences, Mr Eazi is taking some time for himself. He has spent most of 2021 orchestrating a comeback, starting with his announcement in January and following it up in late March with new EP ‘Something Else’, accompanied by the short film ‘Don Again (watch that below).

In the wake of his EP release, Mr Eazi is starting his comeback cycle proper with a new single ‘E Be Mad’, which suggests he is going to be leaning heavily into the Banku music that gave him his early career boost in the first place. It makes sense that Eazi would strengthen its ties to Ghana, the country is becoming an economic powerhouse and a magnet for the diaspora. If that is where the money resides, what’s to stop a savvy business man like Eazi from pursuing it.

Is it worth the gamble? Make that conclusion for yourself by watching the video for ‘E Be Mad’ here.

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