KollyDee wants to be your only man

When KollyDee first started exploring during his undergraduate studies, he couldn’t have predicted that he would still be in the game in 2021, rebuilding a career in Nigeria. But we are all the better for it because he is easily one of the best vocalists working today. Clout Africa caught up with him after the debut of his new EP ‘Sinus Rhythm’ to discuss music, ‘Maria Maria’ and the future.

After 10 years in the game, you have finally released a cohesive body of work, your new EP. What does it feel like to finally introduce your music to an evolved Nigerian audience?

Actually, its officially been 6 wonderful years in the game. The reception of my EP “Sinus Rhythm” since its release has been overwhelming and exciting. I waited a really long time for this moment and to be able to share more than just covers or singles with my fans means the world to me. I’d describe this as a new beginning for me musically and I have been enjoying the process.

Because you released your EP Sinus Rhythm during the pandemic, for the first time your fans will get a sense of what your energy is like when you perform live with your newly released Clout Session performing ‘Maria Maria’. What should the fans expect from this performance?

Vocals! Vocals! Vocals! My fans should expect a flawless vocal delivery and performance. Asides writing and recording my own music, performing on stage is my next favorite thing to do, so my fans should be ready to get the best.

What experience from your childhood influences your craft as a musician today?

I attended Good shepherd secondary school in Lagos and had the opportunity to join the schools orchestra at the age of 8. l played the violin and was the lead male tenor vocalist at such a young age. I remember traveling the country with the school orchestra and performing for important dignitaries and events. This vital moment really made such an impact in my craft as a musician today.

There are very few artists experimenting with the sounds you do in your music. How else are you working to make your sound unique?

Asides my voice and vocal ability which I believe is very unique & different, On this EP, I fused various elements of R&B, Afrobeats, My native language (Yoruba) and pidgin english to create music that could be enjoyed both locally and internationally. Examples of such songs on the EP are stand by you and Wetin U do. I also know that I am still a work in progress, so I am working hard day and night to achieve that very unique sound that will be particular to the Kollydee brand.

What are your thoughts on the Lagos music scene, especially as an artist committed to creating an immersive experience around the KollyDee brand?

I love Lagos and the Lagos music scene. Although I think it’s oversaturated it is still very prosperous and booming. There’s room for almost anyone to make it here, all that’s needed is patience, consistency and the right network. For KollyDee the brand, I feel like there’s so much untapped potential in the industry being the only Doctor/Musician. I know there’s so much more I can and I will achieve. It is only a matter of time.

What is your relationship like with the fans?

My fans are like family to me, the best support system I could ever ask for. I have a wonderful relationship with my supporters and I’m grateful for everyone of them. They are the reason why I do this. I wish I could be close to everyone of them but in my own little way I try to respond to as much messages, well wishes, reposts etc that I get from my fans.

What’s next for ‘Maria Maria’, is it part of a much larger rollout, are we going to get a video for it?

Oh yes. I just released a video for Maria Maria a week ago and the feedback and reviews have been amazing. It’s been showing on some of the biggest music channels and TV stations in west africa. The whole process has been exciting. I have been making a lot of TV and radio appearances as well. A remix for Maria Maria is in the works already and I’d be featuring an international act on it, so watch out for that.

What plans for world domination does Kolly Dee have for 2021?

To be honest I’m just taking it one day at a time. With the success of my current EP, plans for a musical concert as well as my debut album are already in place. Hopefully, you should expect the best ever album by Nigerian from KollyDee this year. I plan to shoot more music videos as well. Sign lucrative brand ambassadorship deals by the grace of God and seal my place as one of the best singer-songwriter on the continent.

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