KDDO’s ‘Beamer Body’ gets a little boost from Davido

Want the world to sit up and listen to your music? Then do your due diligence and get one of Africa’s most consistent hit maker to feature on your new single. Singer KDDO’s making his gamble with Davido, whose recent hits with Ckay and Focalistic have proven his consistency across genres. KDDO will be hoping some of that magic rubs off him and extends to his soon to be released EP ‘Beamer Body’, out in the coming weeks. He might be well on his way if press statements he gave about the single are anything to go by.

I had already started working on the single back in LA. Davido and I were playing music back at the hotel in Vegas, then the beat came on and we were all just vibing. David really liked it, he got mad hyped about it and added a verse on the spot.

Watch the video here.

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