Ifeme C.S and Oluchi Odii are stretching the boundaries of pop music

There is something chameleonic about ‘Dancing Waters’, the new collaborative single from Ifeme C.S and Oluchi Odii, the song filters through several genres, incorporating rock elements with a snarly electric guitar riffs, sprinklings of Amapiano and Afrobeats, the perfect complement to Odii’s masterful vocal work, incorporating several languages and musical styles. It is as ambitious as it is accomplished and we can say with some certainty that the duo sound like no one else we’ve hosted at the Clout Africa Sessions. So we asked a few questions to get to know this duo a little better.

Since 2020, you’ve had to navigate making and promoting your music during a pandemic, in what ways has that changed your release strategy and the reception of your music?

1. The internet has been untouched despite the pandemic. Infact, it has become the largest means of promotion. People have access to the internet through their gadgets more than ever and it’s easy to push your content in their faces. The reception of our music has been mind blowing, a lot of people have given us great feedback and it’s refreshing to know that we have something substantial to share with our fans and the world at large.

You’re performing the single ‘Dancing Waters’ on Clout Sessions, the first live performance you’re putting out this year. Why this song and why now?

2. Dancing waters came to be as a result of the advocation for women empowerment. A lot of women forget that they have what it takes to conquer the world but they limit themselves for fear of being talked down upon. Dancing waters is a reminder that women are stronger than they think.

What is the single most important event from your youth that has influenced your craft as a musician today?

Oluchi Odii: The most important event from my youth would be when I contested for MTN Project Fame West Africa. That was the beginning of my career as a musician.

What is the most prominent collaboration you have had in your career so far and who are the artists you’d most like to collaborate with in the near future?

Oluchi Oddi: Collaborating with Ifeme C.S is my most prominent collaboration as a solo music artist. I have had other collaborations but this is my first major one as an independent artist. I hope for future collaborations with Asa, Wizkid, Burna boy, Wurld, Johnny Drille, Major Laser, Sauti Sol, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, John Legend.

Ifeme C.S: My biggest musical influences are deadmau5, Diplo, Skrillex, Vigro Deep, Prince Kaybee, Kygo and the likes.

Who is your biggest musical influence working today?

Oluchi Odii: My biggest musical influence at the moment would be Burna Boy. He is well grounded in his craft and it’s so impressive to see.

Ifeme CS: I’ll love to work with Diplo, Rema, Adele, Billie Eillish, Skrillex, Msaki, Prince Kaybee and so many other DJs.

What is your relationship like with the fans?

6. We have a good relationship with my fans. They stay in touch with my projects and they keep motivating me with their kind words.

What’s next for your single ‘Dancing Waters’ ’, is it part of a much larger project, are we going to get a video for it?

7. We intend to promote the single as far as we can. It definitely is a part of a much larger project that Ifeme and I are working on.

There will be a video for it as well.

What plans for world domination do you both have for 2021?

8. We are taking steps and maintaining greatness. We will push out an E.P with more amazing songs that are of international standards and songs that are appealing to the world at large. With this, we will gradually infiltrate the world market. #fingerscrossed.

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