Fall in love with Nikki Tall’s brand of global facing afropop

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know Naija’s Afropop has fully gone global. It has evolved beyond a distinct sound unique to Nigerians, and has grown to embrace enthusiasts from all across the world, who are taking Afropop and molding it in their own image. One of the more successful champions of Afropop outside Naija is Nikki Tall.

He went first viral in 2019 for his flawless Naija accent and his infectious covers of popular Naija hits. Now he is making hits of his own and working towards releasing a new project called ‘Intallnational’. He introduces us to the new project with an exciting Clout rendition of his new single “Shagari”.

Produced by Kolapo Oladapo

Co-Produced by Femi Aribisila & Edwin Okolo

Production Assistant – Pheabian Miller

Shot and Directed by Adetola Films

Edited by Tayo Amele

Post Production Audio – Laughter Sounds

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