Clout Max presents: Timmy Cornell

We took some time to have a quick chat with Timmy Cornell, our top act this week on Clout Max. His new single ‘Jo Jo’ is at the top of our week’s playlist and his Afro riddim sound is right on time and at the forefront of the new wave of caribbean inspired music sweeping the Naija music underground. Get to know him a little better.

1. How long have you been in the music industry and how did you get started?

I have been doing music professionally for about ten months; I put out my debut song titled Good life by September, 2020. But aside from getting the career started, music has been a significant part of my life right from my childhood. I also played drums in church as a kid and loved singing on social events while in secondary school.

2. What was the turning point for you that made you go ‘wow, I’m doing this for real?’

I have had several moments when I thought to myself that it’s music or nothing for me; Having people sending me dms about how much they love and enjoy my music is a lot of motivation and fulfillment. I also had a stage performance in school earlier this year, people sang my songs word for word and I knew I was on the right path to my dreams. i’m doing this for real!

3. Who are your musical influences, past and present?

I draw influences from basically every artist I listen to and enjoy their music. Music is my favorite hobby and this means I consume it wholesomely, it would be quite difficult to mention all the artists behind the influences but I can confidently say some of my favourite musicians are Yung6ix, Sean Tizzle, Blackmagic, Tory Lanez, Wizkid, Jhene Aiko, Drake, Klever J, Olamide; most of which I listened to while growing up.

4. Walk us through the inspiration behind “Jojo”?

Haha, Jo Jo is basically a song about catching feelings for a lady who’s supposedly out of my league. “No dey form Lori Harvey for me.” I just took a ride of melodies while rhythmically expressing how I felt about the said lady, her qualities and how well she danced.

5. Tell us about Clout Max, what was it like finding out you were the top artist for the week?

CloutMax has been amazing so far, I have always wanted opportunities like this. So this is like a wish came true; it’s my first time on radio, first time talking about my music is this manner. It’s a huge one for me.

6. What was interviewing with Dotun like?

It was another amazing moment, I didn’t see that coming at this early stage of my career and I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

7. What’s next for ‘Jojo’? A remix, video treatment, extended version?

Hopefully a video, maybe a surprise remix? I would love some more exposure for the song.

8. What’s next for Timmy Cornell?

Timmy Cornel is working, praying, exploring and importantly, learning. My next step would always be ‘good music’, more music. I will always deliver and endeavor my fans never run out of good music.

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