“To produce, promote and connect Nigeria’s finest musical talents to a National, African & Worldwide audience by providing a wide range of services all available on one platform.”

Clout is the industry's most respected service brand.

The music industry in Nigeria has seen an explosion of growth in the last decade, driven by the sheer grit and ingenuity of its A-list talent and its many aspiring stars. But now that we are here, on the global stage, the stages of structural development that we leapfrogged to get here are beginning to cripple our nascent industry.

This is why Clout was created, to bridge the chasm between our talent and the global music market we seek to dominate. We are doing this through an all-inclusive platform that prioritizes consistency, excellent customer service and world class delivery. We’ve made it our responsibility to understand your needs as an artist, label and industry and adapt to provide seamless support that meets those needs.

We can offer a dynamic range of services that includes production, airplay and distribution because we have world class facilities and the weight of the country’s most extensive media network behind us. Let us help you refine your talent, find your audience and automate your revenue streams.

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