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We offer packages that help artistes and small business get more value & trackable milage for their brand and business at the most affordable rates .

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Clout seamlessly unites all modern forms of music distribution, promotion and circulation, strategically positioning itself as the ultimate music discovery and promotion space.

100+ syndicated airplays for 30 days TV and Radio Interviews Billboard features and display Radio Interviews across 10 stations nationwide

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Clout provides for its various demographic via specifically and carefully tailored packages developed by paying attention to market demands and customer feedback.

Social Media Promotion Radio Interview Google Directory Listing TV and Radio Interview

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The Clout Difference

Trackable Progress

Weekly updates of your music statistics, & milestones across social media, radio and our other platforms across board in the most reflective mediums.



Save money with our seamless and affordable medium of promoting your brand and music via the crucial platforms that matter in the epicenter of the nation’s active age bracket

Synchronized Promotion

Simultaneous and circuital radio and digital promotions to ensure maximum continual growth and placement for your brand elements across social media .


₦ 250000

Ideal for music artistes that want to promote their music with the Lagos crowd specifically.

40 Airplay Social Media Promotion TV and Radio News Mention
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Best Value

₦ 500000

If you are looking to gain clout with your music with audiences from Lagos, Port-harcourt, Onitsha, Abuja & Kano

100 Airplays Social Media Promotion TV and Radio News Mention TV and Radio Interview
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₦ 1000000

One-stop package to the heavens that enable artiste promote their music with a wider reach on synchronised media platforms

200 Airplay Social Media Promotion Clout Session TV and Radio Interview TV and Radio News Mention
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I promote a song two months back to back?

Yes, at a 200% surcharge

Q Will my song go through a vetting process?

Yes, the Clout A&R Team will vett the songs for quality control and make sure they are ok to air, devoid or curse words. To hasten your vetting process please send the radio edit clean version of the song

Q Can my song get rejected?

Yes, incases where the song has so many profanities and or conflicts with NBC Codes or codes or states and countries where it is played

Q If rejected, when do I get a refund ?

Yes, within 24hrs of being notified of rejection

Q How do I know when my song is played ?

We have many ways of letting you know your song was genuinely played including

  1. Informing you beforehand the time period the song will play
  2. Tweets when it plays
  3. Notification by mail when it has played
  4. Notification on your Clout Dashboard when it has been played
  5. Certificate of Transmission when your Campaign ends that has the playtime

Q How do I get my song on Billboards Other Clout Outdoor Outlets ?

This is available upon request and prices differ based on length of campaign and client needs

Q Are there other services Clout Offers for artiste promotion ?

Yes, as we expand our reach and have new partners we expand our services. Visit clout.ng to stay informed or drop us a mail

Q What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major card payments (visa and master card)

Q How do I upload my track?

Sign up on the clout website, copy your URL from any music platform and paste in the required box under brand/campaign

Q Can I record overnight in the clout studio?

Yes, book a studio rental and include the period and duration your session and recording